Who are we?

BraveSoul was born organically in 2016 as the newest iteration of a 15-year synergy between two of Chicago’s influential street dance artists: Daniel “BRAVEMONK” Haywood and Kelsa “K-Soul” Robinson. BraveSoul, which focuses on concert and site-specific dance performances, education and social/community-building practices, is rooted in the movement languages and cultures of Hip-Hop and House, as well as martial arts, a wide-range of improv traditions and other Afro-disporan movement languages.

BRAVEMONK and K-Soul share a connection with Spirit as a central driving force in their relationship to movement, artistic expression and the creative process, and their collective energies are consistently described as raw, electric and inspiring.  

Our Mission

BraveSoul’s mission is to continually develop the divine, activate light, love, joy and imagination, and challenge and provoke through dialogue, kinetic energy, musicality, and the creative process.