BraveSoul, organically born of a 15-year synergy between two street dance artists–Daniel “BRAVEMONK” Haywood and Kelsa “K-Soul” Robinson–is rooted in the movement languages and cultures of Hip-Hop and House, as well as martial arts, a wide-range of improv traditions and other Afro-disporan movement languages. BRAVEMONK and K-Soul share a connection with Spirit as a central driving force in their relationship to movement, artistic expression and the creative process.

A playful evening capturing the kindred spirits of two Chicago dancers. Shot in and near Chicago’s historic nightclub, Green Dolphin.

  • Music: Everybody by 2 Makes 1
  • Videographer/Editor: Paul Elliot
  • Movement Artists/Dancers: Daniel “BRAVEMONK” Haywood & Kelsa “K-Soul” Robinson
  • Directed & Choreographed: Stampede X Films & BraveSoul
  • Shout out to: Just Jacob Ventures LLC & Jesse Sexton